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Refurbished Digital HDTV Antennas

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Get more crystal clear HDTV channels absolutely free.

The KING Jack antenna is your way to receive free, completely uncompressed HD television in your RV or home.

Crystal Clear HDTV

With coverage of both VHF and UHF digital HDTV signals, the KING Jack antenna offers a broad reception range and enhanced UHF reception where over 80% of the new digital channels are broadcast. You get completely uncompressed high-definition TV signal for the best picture quality available today.
The KING Jack antenna installs in just 5 minutes without any special tools. If you already use an over-the-air antenna, simply install the KING Jack antenna in place of your existing antenna head.


The only way to receive a completely uncompressed high-definition TV signal is with an over-the-air antenna - like the KING Jack. Cable and satellite signals are compressed, which means if you aren’t receiving your channels over-the-air, you aren’t getting the best signal possible.

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